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We really enjoy working with people…….our key phrase that describes what we like doing is…..

Helping you solve your Tree and Hedge problems.

IMG_2916.JPGWe like to be able to give you the results that will benefit both you and your garden. 

Frank has a small pivot steer loader which means he can work to a height of 5 metres. This machine has a light footprint and will not damage a lawn as other diggers would and also enables him to lift up to 1 ton. We find it is  a very efficient way of working with the trees and hedges.

We also believe tidy up is  most important and pride ourselves on leaving the job looking better than when we arrived. Something that is nice for you as the client to come home to.

The nature of our work means that we have a lot of happy clients and we return regularly to help them maintain their trees and hedges. Usually after the initial job on a hedge that may have got out of hand we can schedule to come again at a time that suits to just touch up the hedge and keep on top of it regularly. Usually once  or twice a year, this keeps the cost down.


We are happy to come and walk around your garden with you and discuss what you are wanting done. Frank will work with you to achieve the look and effect you want.